Recruiting good eggs wanting to help!

Do you have time and interest to help raise funds? please get in touch - we need a person to help in bournemouth, another in Ringwood and Christchurch and one opportunity is to replicate our work in Southampton



Target for 2017 - One Bladder Scanner for Respiratory Wards, more fans and nebulisers for Doctors Surgeries in and around Bournemouth. We need helpers please get in touch!



10 state of art fans already purchased!

Please help us get more Helen's Fans for more patients to help them breathe,fight their conditions and let them know WE CARE!



first of events leading up to the walk - monday 1st feb at Hospital - free caricatures and donations

Thank you Mayor of Ringwood for donating one Helen Fan to Ringwood Patients x




Did you know that today 3 people have died from respiratory disease in the UK?

Do you know that more than 800,000 people per year in the UK die from respiratory disease?

Did you know that more than 1,000,000 people per year in the UK are admitted into A& E due to contracting one or more forms of respiratory disease/infections? At a cost of £4.7 billion per year ?

Did you know that many of these deaths are needlessly caused due to lack of research, investment, infrastructure and awareness?


All this has led to the UK being one of the worst countries treating respiratory disease of the range of OECD countries…and in the UK context, being labelled as ‘shocking’  by an All Party Parliamentary Group on Respiratory Health that ‘respiratory matters are a poor relation to the other two Big Killers in the UK , cancer and cardiac’.


Through creating a local Dorset group of activities and working with Royal Bournemouth Respiratory teams we have a chance to progress a milestone change to address these voids in care in our own county.


Together …..

  • We can raise funds for equipment needed that is not statutorily expected of the Trust;

  • We can raise awareness of lung conditions to communities of public, political, academic representatives;

  • We can create a support group for carers

  • We can create a visitor group specifically for inpatients and outpatients of respiratory diseases.


But we do need your help to do more.....!




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